zondag 4 december 2016

Serbia Fashion Week SS 2017

Neo Design
The spring/summer 2017 edition of Serbia Fashion Week took place in from November 7 - 12 in Novi Sad, the recently elected Cultural Capital of Europe for 2021.
With this new future perspective Serbia Fashion Week seems to have a more stable marriage with the city of Novi Sad.
Mrs. Svetlana Horvat has managed to settle a platform for fashion designers in Serbia and the Balkan region but has also made connections globally. Thank to partnerships with many fashion weeks from all over the globe she has created new paths for Serbian designers, in addition a selective group of relevant media has been accommodated during the event.
The schedule of the event features an extensive program with fashion shows of emerging and renowned designers from Serbia and abroad. But there is more to see and do; there are seminars, talks, showrooms and fashion film screenings.
Following the previous editions, the opening show again the hands of Srđan Šveljo, the Novi Sad based stylist and editor who curated a show based on Oscar Wilde. Under the title 'Heroes with Oscar Wilde' he gathered work of 25 menswear designers.
Following highlight of the fashion week is the young designers contest - the EFTDC (international designers ) and the FTDC (serbian designers). The winner of the FTDC, Neo Design by the promosing designer Nevena Ivanović won participation in the coming FASHIONCLASH Festival. Other finalists from Serbia where Jelena Đukanović and Katarina Romčević. International finalists where Polona Roblek and Nina Grubek from Slovenia and Strangelove from Belarus by designers Marina Smalygova and Victoria Tkacheva.

Following days the program varied in styles, international and local names, but also in quality. Among the favorites was Catch Michelle from Romania who surprised with her quirky surrualist collection, the colorful and arty brand Sarah Jessy Jones from Argentina and outspoken Betaomega from Czech Republic.
The local designers that impressed the most was Vasilije Kovačev, in particular with his menswear pieces. Ana Vasiljević presented a descent casual but creative collection that stood out with its minimalism besides all the womenswear that mostly contains eveningwear and gowns.
Furthermore worth mentioning where designers Bata Spasojević, Mladen Milovjević Baron, Zvonko Marković, Marta Miljanić and Bosko Jakovljevic. 
Mad Mood Milano
Last but not least - if I may say so myself - was my own collection 'Best of Both Worlds'. It was a great honor that Serbia Fashion Week gave me the stage to show my work in my birth country. In particular because my work has always been inspired by my former Yugoslav roots and experiences.

Sarah Jessy Jones


Take a look at some of the highlights.
All images by brankopopovicblog

 Ana Vasiljevic

woensdag 23 november 2016

Acreati x Forza Fashion House XMAS Pop-Up

Roche Rouge
Acreati x Forza Fashion House XMAS Pop-Up 
1-18 December
at Entre Deux Maastricht

Looking for unique Christmas presents with a story? From Thursday 1st December untill Sunday 18th December, fashion platform Acreati will present its XMAS Pop-up Shop & Exhibition at Entre Deux (Level 2) in collaboration with Forza Fashion House Maastricht. Centrummanagement Maastricht will provide an interesting cultural program as part of the Magic Cultural Festival in Maastricht.
The pop-up will feature an outspoken selection of independent fashion designers together with contemporary photography. With a special storytelling approach Acreati and Forza Fashion House will introduce you to a new shopping experience, where you get an insight on designers’ collections through photography and art. Visit us to shop hard-to-find designer items!

THE DESIGNERS: Bluedenîmes + Ebby Port + Roche Rouge + STRIKKS + ESP + Ling-Ling + LZL + marlich + MEES Verena Schepperheyn + Narrative Made + Ratna Ho + Studio Mulder + Tomcsanyi

THE PHOTOGRAPHERS: Berber Theunissen + Luca Pernini + Jeremy Audet + Ingeborg ten Hoopen (artist) + Paula Faraco + TJ Tambellini + Saskia Boer + Pauline van Beusekom + Cat Stevens + Nina Raasch + Naomi White + Peter Holliday + Ling Lin + Samuel Zeller.

Fashion photographer Valentina Vos (30)will be giving a Fashion Photography Talk on Sunday 18th of December at the XMAS Pop Up & Exhibition. Valentina studied at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design. She has worked with various leading fashion magazines such as Glamour NL, L'Officiel NL, Glamcult, JFK Magazine, Vice, news papers suchs as Volkskrant and Het Parool, and companies Tommy Hilfiger, CitizenM Hotels, Men at Work, Hema, Ace & Tate and many more. She is known for her elegant polished fashion snapshots, combined with humor and originality.


OHM by Jivika Biervliet

OHM collection by Jivika Biervliet

Jewelery: Peter Hsieh (www.peterhsieh.com) Photography: (www.danielcroes.com)
Model: Passian George Smit Assistance: Pien Klein Douwel


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana

fashion performance by Gattinoni
Few weeks ago I visited the charming city of Ljubljana, the home of a rather new fashion event, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana.

Set at the impressive Cankar Hall, the largest Slovenian congress and culture centre designed by Edvard Ravinkar, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana kicked off its third edition with an awards show. Designer Kaja Julija Hrovat won the main prize that will provide her the opportunity to show her collection at the spring edition in 2017. Previous winner was the designer Sara Valenci.

Furthermore at the opening night was the fashion performance on the catwalk by Gattinoni.

For a relatively very small country Slovenia has an interesting and growing fashion scene that is mostly driven by the emerging generation of designers. This new wave of designers is supported by the fashion platform SQUAT and Young@SQUAT. One of the creative minds behind SQUAT is Nataša Peršuh, one of the most prominent designers in Slovenian fashion scene. She presented her latest collection on Sunday evening. 

room with a view from hotel Lev, overlooking the city of Ljubljana
Nataša Peršuh
Curated by the artistic director Sašo Radovič the three-day fashion week featured established names like Akultura runned by renowned Alenka Globočnik Fabjan and CLICHÉ by JelenaPikmajer. But what makes the event promising is are the emerging designers such as MÊHLÊ and Sofia Nogard.

On the programme where also several foreign designers such as the Berlin based IVANMAN, Serbian designer Vlada Savić and the Italian menswear brand D’Alpaos that stood out for many reasons.

"It was a great honor to be invited to show our SS17 collection at the mbfwlj. We found from the beginning a really beautiful atmosphere thank’s to the amazing staff able to create an international fashion event like this one was. It was very interesting to find such a different kind of brand selection, everyone with something different to tell, from the Slovenians to internationals brands, definitely the perfect fit for a great result." (Nicola D'Alpaos)

In addition to the shows the program contained the photography exhibition by Fulvio Grisoni, Sašo Hessa and Peter Giodani, titled Fashion Photography through the generations.
Although only on the international fashion calendar only since 2015, the MBFWLJ has potential to become a platform for not only Slovenian designers but function as bridge between western and eastern Europe.


If not mentioned otherwise images are by Branko Popovic

donderdag 17 november 2016

Uncovering Reiss’ Video Content at The Commissioners

The second session of The Commissioners - in Partnership with Studio Spaces - will dive into the video strategy of the global fashion brand.

On November 24, 2016, London will host the second session of The Commissioners, in partnership with Studio Spaces.
Starting at 18:30 at Studio Spaces, Reiss Global Head of HR Luke East, Reiss Online Marketing Manager Stephanie Villegas-Ross and director Nick Tree will join a panel to explore their approach to video content.

Hosted by fashion film consultant Niccolò Montanari, the event will explore what kind of video content is being produced and to what aim, while screening three examples commissioned by Reiss and directed by Nick Tree. Specifically, the panelists will discuss how film has helped guide the global fashion brand, how it has been used to showcase its strong heritage and how important video is in its overall communication.

The Commissioners, in partnership with Studio Spaces, is an opportunity for filmmakers, producers, designers and creatives working in the lifestyle-driven video industry to personally get to know Reiss as a brand in relation to their video strategy. Commenting on the event, founder Niccolò Montanari stated: “This second session aims to present how video has been and will be employed by an established brand such as Reiss, giving the audience the chance to network and give rise to potential new collaborations.”

The event is hosted in partnership with Studio Spaces, shots , Votd.tv and Arts Thread. Tickets to The Commissioners - in partnership with Studio Spaces, are available on https://commissioners2.eventbrite.co.uk

woensdag 16 november 2016

14th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje

Filip Trencovski
The 14th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje took place in Macedonia's capital from October 28 until November 1. This fashion event featured both established as emerging designers such as Filip Trencovski who displayed a promising collection 'Birds of Pray. Among the highlights there where also designers
Irina Tosheva, Evgenija Zafirovska, Papaz and Olgica Gjorgieva.

Being the only event of its kind in Skopje and held twice per year, FWSK gathers on one place established, as well as young and emerging fashion brands and designers, educational institutions, photographers, fashion agencies, journalists, buyers, consumers and other fashion contributors to present their work, exchange ideas and strengthen the fashion scene.
FWSK is organized by the fashion event management company 'Fashion Week Corporation'.

Olgica Gjorgieva

zondag 6 november 2016

Adidas x Parley for the Oceans

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans, an organization dedicated to reducing plastic waste in oceans, have collaborated on shoes made of recycled plastic from oceans. Around 7,000 pairs will be sold at stores and online, starting in mid-November.
Last year, they 3-D printed a prototype, with the goal of demonstrating how the industry could “rethink design and help stop ocean plastic pollution,” according to Adidas.

The shoe has an “upper” made of 95% ocean plastic (scooped up near the Maldives), and the rest of the shoe is made from largely recycled materials as well. It’s called “UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley.”

While only 7,000 are going on sale now, Adidas has big plans for these types of shoes. “We will make one million pairs of shoes using Parley Ocean Plastic in 2017 – and our ultimate ambition is to eliminate virgin plastic from our supply chain,” the company said, according to The Verge.

Here is what the Adidas and Parley for the Oceans’ shoes (and concept ones) look like:

zaterdag 5 november 2016

Forza Fashion House Maastricht Market #1

Forza Fashion House Market #1

Stock up with original Christmas presents and unique fashion must-haves to celebrate the holidays at the rst Forza Fashion House Maastricht Designer Market on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of December 2016 at De Brandweer. Presenting one-of-a kind work of local designers and selling a special selection of (kids) fashion, jewellery, textiles, handbags, prints and more. A great chance to meet independent designermakers in person and pick up Christmas gifts that you won’t nd on the high street.

De Brandweer Capucijnenstraat 21 Maastricht

Opening hours
17 December 11.00 - 19.00
18 December 11.00 - 18.00

Cash Only. 
Free admission.


Forza Fashion House Maastricht (FFH) is a creative hub for fashion talent and creative minds. A place where knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship are connected. FFH brings the practice of the industry directly to the designers, following a new vision for design, production, retail, and education.


MOOI Festival Antwerp

MOOI Festival, a festival about the beautiful things in fashion of the future,  took place in Antwerp 29 and 30 October in de Studio in Antwerp.

Villanella art center opened up a dialogue with the fashion world. In collaboration with designer, innovator and curator Bruno Pieters, the festival showed the state of the mind of the 'sustainable'  fashion scene in Antwerp and provided a platform for debate aiming to stimulate the start of a new way of thinking that will activate both new as established players in the industry to think.

The two day festival contained exhibition, Labo, talks and a fabric fair.
Exhibition curated by Bruno Pieters displayed Antwerp fashion talent that approaches fashion from ethical, sustainable and responsible point of view. The exhibition featured work by
Y/Project, Rombaut, Jan Jan Van Essche, Daniel Andresen, Katrien Van Hecke, Ilke Cop and innovative projects such as The Post Couture Collective and Honest By.
Labo programme showed innovative techniques and initiatives by Martijn van Strien and Freitag.
Another innovative project that had its first presentation is 
TexUp that showed the results of Textiel Upcyclage Labo. This is a thinktank platoform where fashion and costume designers, product developers and artists meet. The residual clothes and linen from the Radisson Blu Hotel are reused through innovative, circular and creative techniques.
Five selected fashion and costume designers, product developers and artists from the Lab took on the leftover hotel textiles and designed firsthand pieces. The designers were coached by Ilke Cop and Lisa Konno.


All images by brankopopovicblog
Willa Stoutenbeek in conversation with Walter van Beirendonck

donderdag 3 november 2016

Fucking Young! A/W 2016-17 issue

Fucking Young! A/W 2016-17 issue includes 345 pages dedicated to a single theme: PANGEA

Everyone should cross a border at least once in their life, so that they can return as a richer person: someone who’s learnt, someone who’s taught. We hope that in the future, within the next few million years, when the continents go back to uniting and natural borders disappear, man won’t be erecting walls. Welcome to Pangea!


Also in this issue: Editorials by Emmanuel Giraud, Filip y Kito, Gorka Postigo, Ivo Sekulovski, Jo Duck, Laetitia Bica, Markus Jans, Michaël Smits, Michiel Meewis, Mikey Asanin, Pablo Sáez, Peggy Kuiper, René Fietzek, Saty + Pratha, Simon Lipman and Simon Thiselton.

Contributing Writers: Fabio Vittorini, Federico Alpi, Mara Festa, Marco Martello, Oriol Bruc, Valerio Coretti and Yari Fiocca.

Photography by Mariano Vivanco
Styled by Teddy Czopp
Hair stylist Franco Gobbi
Make up artist: Pablo Rodríguez
Casting director Paul Isaac
On-Set Producer Junietsy de Marcos
Digital: Robert Self
1st Assistant Tomas Hein
2nd Assistant Rob Low
Model: Jordan Barret

Nominees Announced for the 2nd Annual Fashion Net Awards

After an extraordinarily successful launch in 2015, the International Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences announced its nominees for the second annual FASHION NET Awards.

 "With great enthusiasm and support from the industry" said Stig Harder, Founder & CEO, "We're thrilled to announce our selection of those at the very forefront of fashion in 2016."

FASHION NET — a pioneer in online publishing — possesses the unique distinction of being the world's first fashion site. In partnership with the Academy of Art University, Le Book, Cosy Box, Gen Art and Enter, the annual FASHION NET Awards were established in 2015 to honor and celebrate excellence and vision across the industry as fashion and technology combine to redefine the visual landscape of our imminent future.
The nominees and winners for the annual FASHION NET Awards are selected by the executive members ( I have the honor to be part of) of the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF FASHION ARTS AND SCIENCES. The Academy's membership is composed of prominent leaders and influencers in the fashion industry, including Donald Potard, Eddie Mullon, NoéMie Schwaller, Mariette Hoitink, Marlo Saalmink, Marcel Schlutt, Diane Pernet and many more.



Ricardo Andrez - ModaLisboa SS 2017 TOGETHER

Ricardo Andrez once again presented a strong collection at ModaLisboa. Playing with themes like gender and race the models where made anonymous by wearing a head-to-toe bodysuits which came in various colors. By doing so the focus was on the clothing which one of the most exciting seen during the 47th edition of Moda Lisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week.


Dino Alves - SS 2017 ModaLisboa

Dino Alves SS 2017
ModaLisboa - Together

Dino Alves presented his SS2017 collection 'Warning' during the 47th edition of ModaLisboa-Lisboa Fashion Week. The collection tells a romantic but yet realistic story about the nature and platent earth. The collection is a warning to take care of the sublime beauty of the nature (flowers, trees, plants) which are the purest forms of design.
The collection contains striking tule ruffles pieces that are inspired by flowers and leaves. Nature hues are mixed with industrial colours.
Materials used in the collection are cotton, linen, silk organza, tule, viscose and denim.

The collection is a prelude to a new project of Dino Alves Ateluer that will be announced soon.


vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

Patrick De Pádua - SS 2017 ModaLisboa

Patrick De Pádua presented his new collection in the LAB programme of the 47th edition ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week. In March this year he won this opportunity to develop his brand further. The collection 'Fado' (fado, meaning 'fate' in latin) inspired by Portuguese fado and hip hop balances the sportswear with traditional menswear sihouette. He imagines hip hop as a new fate for fado. He effortlessly clashes tradtion and future proving he is able to work out a complete collection that is both innovative and commercially vital.

Luís Carvalho - SS 2017 ModaLisboa

Luís Carvalho closed the 47th edition of ModaLisboa with the collection titled 'Heart of Glass' inspired by Debbie Harry pop/rock style and colors referencing the works of 70's artist Gretchen Albrecht.


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